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“Celebrity, Sex and Fashion for Women”

This is how media outlet frames its in its tagline. The blog, a part of the Gawker Media sites, is specifically targeted towards the active Internet user of the digital age.  This blog will focus on analyzing on how the website defines what it means to be a female blog, exploring the different type of content. This blog will further explore the history of topics like celebrity gossip and women’s health issues in other forms of media. The overall question of the blog is how Jezebel chooses and presents its topics to make it a “female website” and if the content is driven by women’s interest, or constructed to fit some idea what women like.  Posts will begin with an exploration of the long history of the word Jezebel, explanation of website themes and the role of social media in women’s communication.

Like Jezebel itself, this research will draw on a variety of sources. Some of these sources will be digital sources, including articles about Jezebel and other female-targeted blogs, such as  some of the research on the “mommy-blog” phenomena.  Research about the role of social media in female education, as well as digital media as information sources will be included. Many of those sources will be news articles, blogs or poll information from organizations like Pew.  Additionally, the blog will source from journal articles that discuss the appeal of different topics to women, and the history of women’s media.  Other information may include input from peers about Jezebel.

I chose this topic for several reasons.  The first is that I am admittedly and avid Jezebel (and Gawker) reader. I have found myself wondering about just how the editors manage to posts stories about exactly what I am interested in. Those thoughts formed the basis of the idea for this blog, breaking down what exactly they talk about on Jezebel, and how it is so well targeted that it appeals to me as the intended audience.


About mollyrfriedman

Junior. Sociology and Communications: Media and Society Major . I'm interested in social issues. This includes pointing these out in popular culture, much to the chagrin of those who watch movies and tv with me.

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